Monday, May 7, 2012

A Glimpse of Love's Journey

It's really cool for me to see how the love between Z and I is growing. To think how far we've come over the years, since we met... it's pretty amazing to me. A couple songs that have been significant to us as a couple have been by a group called The Icarus Account. First, it was the song "Favorite Girl":
I said oooh, I think I love you... My favorite girl. It's funny how love takes you by surprise, and I just didn't know what was missing 'til you opened my eyes... Don't you know she is my favorite girl, I want to run away for days with her. And if you promise not to say a thing, I'm gonna buy that girl a diamond ring.
We really liked that song for a long time, and it's still special to us for that reason. Now, the song "Keeper of Your Heart" as become more appropriate as we've fallen more deeply in love.
Love has its seasons and reasons for leaving; love takes its chances and leaves answers that we don't understand. I'll be the keeper of your heart so even when love goes, you'll know that I'll walk with you along this road... And love will take until you give more, and hearts will break until we restore. So ain't that what love asks for? No, this love, it always gives more.
For us, it just says "Life is going to be hard together, but we'll always be together and love each other." (Jason Mraz's song "I Won't Give Up" is another that does the same for us). I just love how much we're growing together and teaching each other. One of us is always strong when one is feeling weak, we're constantly increasing our sensitivity to each other, and we're building a life and philosophy of service together. When we're actually married... I can't yet imagine how much closer we'll feel, and how much more love we'll feel for each other. It's hard to think of more than what we have now.

We're getting married in an LDS Temple, which includes a ceremony to seal Z and I as husband and wife for eternity. That means that if we keep our promises to God and to each other, then our marriage will continue after death. Z and I are both intelligent people who could probably choose any career in the world, but the one we're most excited for is parenthood. Not only does a temple sealing unite husband and wife, it also connects parents with their children forever. Being married in the temple means that we get to be parents for eternity! I can't think of anything more blissful than being with my family (the one I was born into, the one I'm choosing, and the one I'm creating) forever and ever and always :)

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  1. This is really beautiful, Katie. I know we haven't spoken in a while but know that I am super excited for you and wish you and your whole family (present and future :) all the best!!
    ~Anna Vantsevich