Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Christmas Goals~

I'm home for Christmas!

I actually had a mildly fun plane ride over here because I was seated in a row with an LDS Sister missionary and a very friendly college student, and we enjoyed some conversation at the beginning and end of our flight.

Being home has been fun. There's a lot to do and to help out with, so I want to do my part while I'm here. There's general cleaning, laundry to cycle through, home repair projects to assist with, and holiday cooking that hasn't been started yet! Besides chores, I want to continue developing my relationships with my siblings. I realized this summer (I think) that the people skills I employ at school and in public aren't always the skill set I use at home. I need to bring my behavior into alignment with my ideals; if I really love my siblings, then I need to treat them accordingly. This isn't to say that I have bad sibling relations... but it is to say that they can be improved. I'm working on it by being positive, valuing their contributions, and avoiding deprecating humor. My family teases a lot, and with such close contact, it can be easy to slip into devaluing someone. Again - not a chronic, painful occurrence - but one that can be bettered. 

Maybe those will be my goals for Christmas break: service and improving family relations. I'm sure to have fun along the way too; I'll spend some time with my high school friends and friends from church, and my boyfriend is coming to visit my family for a couple days :) Today was a good day, and I want to maintain and improve upon those feelings for the next 2-ish weeks. Huzzah!

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