Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, my younger sister told me through facebook that our youngest sister thinks my blog is boring. Sigh. Maybe I'll have a chance when she's older...

But, HAPPY THOUGHT instead! - At least I think that my sister (the one with facebook) has a really interesting blog, and I can get a kick out of that. It is very fun to read. Even if we're not good at something, it doesn't mean that we can't get pleasure out of watching others do it well.

Honestly, ballroom dance is something new I was exposed to in college. And it was when I saw the more advanced dancers (when I was taking a beginning class) that I thought, "Wow, that looks amazing. I'd love it if I could learn how to do that," and now I'm doing just that. I've taken dance classes every semester since, and am on par with some of those dancers I looked up to. I've still got so much to learn - there's a lot more classes I need to take for the minor, I need to make it to the backup team in the dance company, and an old teacher recommended I look for a coach and a partner and start competing in open events - but I'm growing a talent through desire, persistence, hard work and faith. And it's really fun! (Painful at times, but fun, and worth it!).

I'm a firm believer in anti-moping and pro-"let's get something done". If I don't like a situation, I need to change it! Sitting around complaining won't make it any better... So griping and saying "I'm not talented just because I can't do what someone else can " is only going to make me miserable; why not say instead "Ok, what am I good at and how can I get better? What's something I like to do that makes me happy?", and then go and do that? Personally, I've discovered that it's a lot more satisfying and productive to live happily and actively than passively and frankly, miserably. Don't let life be a series of "things that happen to me", but rather "things that I've done and become". It's your choice, and after experiencing both, I prefer to be happy! :)


  1. Soooo....why couldn't you think this way when we shared a room??? Just curious.... :P ;) :) (<<<the sequence of my expressions....)

  2. Psh. Haha. Because I felt like an awkward nobody who had nothing valuable to share. My self-confidence starting growing more towards the end of high school, but it wasn't until I came to college that I started to see myself very differently. It's an ongoing adjustment, actually, where I have to constantly modify parts of my self-image because I keep growing. It's easier to understand others when you understand yourself better.