Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things that make me happy

Some things that made me really happy in the past week:

-Honey Nut Chex may have just became my favorite cereal/snack food. Lightly sweet, and delicious

-New dance shoes (standard pumps) that fit!

-Buying a standard dance skirt: black, ankle-length that SPINS out so beautifully!

-Chilean-style hot dogs: bun, hot dog, tomato, avocado/guacamole, mayo. Sooo good!!

-Going salsa dancing with my roommate and seeing my work friends

-Celebrating the Bicentenial de Mexico! (and practically the rest of Latin America)

-Taking pictures of the temple at twilight

-Seeing one of my best friends at work

-Spending time with extended family at a wedding reception

-Playing with babies!

-Arriving late to class and discovering that there's a fire drill

-People (guys especially) that I don't know very well who say hi and try to get to know me better

-Rocking out to techno with the car windows rolled down

-Birthday parties

-Realizing that my roommates are really more like family. Honestly, truly, no exaggerating.

-Feeling confident in dance class (granted, it's a class I'm retaking to work on technique, so I already learned the routine... but it still feels awesome!)

-Girl talk :)

-Key-lime-pie flavored yogurt

-Singing loud and strong with a group in the tunnel, or out with my friends

-Getting through hard things. It stinks at the time, when it hurts and you just want it to stop, but when it's over and past, it's really nice to not have the stress, and add it to your personal list of things you've overcome

There's a lot of things that make me happy. I have a list of summer-specific things on facebook, but I may just post lists like this sometimes, that aren't comprehensive, but just a look at my week or something. Life is pretty great when you notice and acknowledge the small moments and little details. You don't need a picture-perfect day every day of your life in order to be happy - you just have to see what's already there.

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