Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thoughts on Becoming a Grown-Up

I'm getting there eventually :P Some days it seems that I'm growing faster than others. As demonstrated in the last post, I like indulging in childish whims once in a while, because honestly, a blanket fort is awesome :)

What are signs of "growing up"? I think part of it is figuring yourself out - deciding what your truest desires are, what you're willing to work for, and what your personal standards are. Another important part is accepting greater responsibility and accountability (when you look at it, irresponsible adults aren't considered very grown-up). I think responsibility really comes down to thoughtful, considerate use of resources and accepting the consequences of your decisions. Responsibility acts as a steadying counterweight to childish whims and immature decision-making.

I've been thinking a lot lately, and it makes me feel old :) I've always tried to be responsible, with varying degrees of success. On my mind tonight is working out finances and planning for the future. Should I add a second minor? How long until I graduate? What do I do after graduation? I've got some rough answers for the moment, and it's not essential that I have it all figured out soon. I'll probably go to bed early tonight and focus on what I can do with today. Jesus Christ is always there to help me, so I can have faith, give it to Him, and relax.

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