Monday, March 7, 2011

"You don't know everything, but you know enough!" is a website with wonderful resources. It is the parent site of is geared towards people who are being introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and is the website that church members use to access teaching manuals, archived talks, and other resources for personal, family, and church use.

Since was most recently given a facelift, there has been a slideshow on the homepage with different featured articles, links and videos. Usually it's things I've seen or heard before, but once in a while I decide to follow the link. Today was one of those days.

I followed the link to a talk by Elder Neil L. Andersen titled, "You Know Enough", and read through it while listening to the audio recording (the audio and text differ slightly; it took just under 10 minutes once the audio loaded). It was just what I need right now. I might not have enough faith to move mountains or part the Red Sea, but I have enough knowledge and faith to move forward and trust Jesus Christ when I can't see.

Life is hard, and that's the way it was meant to be, because hard things help us to grow and refine ourselves. Carbon is a common atom on earth. Under different conditions and various degrees of pressure, it can either become coal (a fossil fuel), graphite (pencil lead) or diamond (the really hard, shiny, expensive stuff). The way we make sure to become diamonds under pressure instead of just squished carbon atoms is to make Jesus Christ our strength. He is our perfect, never-ceasing source of strength and will support us to the very degree that we need help, making us "enough" for our trials and challenges. I know that I can't do it on my own; I'm weak, I get scared, I get angry, I get sad, I make mistakes. And that's why our merciful and loving Heavenly Father provided a way for us to overcome our weaknesses and move on, ever becoming more like Him as we progress and grow. That way is using the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Here's some scriptural evidences that show how Christ takes us as we are and helps us become stronger: Ether 12:27 (in the Book of Mormon), 2 Corinthians 12:9 (Bible), Moroni 10:32 (another from the Book of Mormon). Here's a link to a scripture search engine on if you want to look for more scriptures about grace (for this post I used the key words "grace is sufficient").

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