Monday, March 28, 2011

What Do You See?

I've enjoyed pretty good health for most of my life, with few serious mishaps. On Friday afternoon, however, I managed to sprain my ankle pretty well during a dance class. Since then, I've had to be more reliant on others and more patient with my limitations. There's some definite downsides, but I'm grateful for this experience.
My roommates have been willing to slow down for me, tolerant of the day I was couch-ridden, and extra attentive to make sure I didn't hurt myself worse. My teachers and work supervisors have been very flexible and understanding while I'm recovering. My mom's called me almost every day to see how I'm doing (both to check on my ankle and my homework). Fellow students and friends have shared their experiences with me to give me both advice, warning and encouragement. And even without the accident-specific blessings, I've got a lot to be thankful for. God is definitely watching out for me and taking care of my needs, and helping me progress.
Don't get me wrong - I do get frustrated sometimes and a little wishful (having a sprained ankle isn't the greatest party I've had) - but I am glad for the experience I'm having. It's a good exercise to be positive when situations aren't the most conducive; kind of a confidence booster, actually. So I'll keep smiling, being grateful to my Heavenly Father, and trusting my life in His hands. :)

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