Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Don't You Know Everyone Wants to Laugh?"

I love making people laugh!! (the post title comes from "Make 'Em Laugh", from the movie "Singin' in the Rain")

I work in a cafeteria, and today, I was working in the dishroom. Towards the end of the shift, we had some heavy, metal drip trays come through our line. After conferring with the girl next to me, neither of us were sure which machine to clean them with; so, I slid the tray in the soap bath in front of me.

A couple minutes later, our supervisor walks in. He sees the girl next to me, who has another drip tray in her hands, and starts, "No, no...", explaining the correct procedure for cleaning them. The supervisor was facing towards me, with a small group between us that he was talking to about these drip trays. As he was talking, I slowly lifted the sudsy drip tray from the soap bath (where it was evidently not supposed to be), and gently set it on the shelves with the other trays. The supervisor glanced and saw what I was doing (and saw the mock-guilty look on my face) and busted up laughing! It was so perfect and fantastic; I wish it had been recorded by a camera.

I love making people laugh :) And usually, whether purposefully or inadvertently, I'm pretty good at it :D

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