Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a few good things

On a more ordinary level, here's some things I've been really enjoying lately.

- Good movies. Disney's Tangled is one of my favorite movies now (I'm hoping I can get the DVD for my birthday). Also, I saw the Bollywood films Mother India (1957), Awara (1951), Devdas (2001) and Swades: We the People (2004) for a research paper; they were each interesting in their own regard and fascinating when compared with each other. Tangled was just fun and happy, and the Bollywood movies were very thematic and thought-provoking.

- Good food. I was so proud of myself over the last week! I put a lot more effort into cooking and planning my meals, and some of them turned out really well! One night I made a crab fettuccine alfredo dish, and I made the sauce entirely from scratch without using a set recipe (credit for showing me how to make a white sauce goes to my roommate). I felt really creative and skilled, haha.

- Dancing. I had a blast last Friday at the weekly ballroom night at a local dance club. I was really hesitant about some dances with my ankle (foxtrot was actually more painful than cha cha, surprisingly), but ended up tossing care aside as the night wore on and had fun. Whirling through a west coast swing with the lights and the music was so fantastic! It was a great opportunity to get to know some people better as I danced with them through the night. I even learned a little bit of Lindy and a new lift! Definitely worth the little extra strain on my ankle for a night.

- Family time. Lately I've been calling my mom more regularly with updates on my ankle and questions about my study abroad this summer. Haha, we had a texting conversation a while ago mock-discussing the logistics of how to pass the time while living under a rock in the Canadian wilderness and befriending a wolverine to chase away cold-blooded animals. My brother has texted me a few times, I talked to my dad about taxes, and I got to talk to one of my sisters on the phone over the weekend about what she wants for her birthday. My family are all goofs, and I love them dearly. I've been missing them these last couple weeks.

- Friends. I had a tricky time adjusting when one of my roommates got engaged this semester, but we had a really good talk one night and it's felt monumentally better since. I know that my roommates care about me - we're each other's best college friends - and we have so much fun with each other. There's a lot of love in our apartment and between our friends. Also, lots of giggling, shared memories, and outlandish statements that make it to our quote wall. (I can't wait to get to heaven and see those records - that's going to be an EPIC quote wall!).

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