Friday, May 6, 2011

Summertime Bliss

     I'm home from work. It feels so good to have my shoes off and trade jeans for shorts.

     I lay on my bed and close my eyes. The window is open, and a breeze whispers across my face and smooths over my skin. It's in the 70s outside in the late afternoon, and it's warm inside the apartment.

     I have 40 minutes before I need to be anywhere. So I relax and enjoy the moment, comfortably resting my head on the crook of my arm. I'm listening to "Replay" (Iyaz), "Just A Dream" (Nelly) and "Marry You" (Bruno Mars) on Itunes, and thinking about the weekend - about work, and hiking, and dancing and friends.

     Smiling, I'm glad it's summer. Because the weather is crazy, it's going to get down to the 50s on Monday, but right now, it's beautiful. I'm going to soak it in while it's here, letting the warmth and stress-lessness seep into my bones so I have something to look back on when the cold and stress return. Summers make me glad to be alive and young :) 

     Warm sun. Beautiful, fragrant blossoms on trees and bushes. Rugged beckoning mountains. Cool, sparkling water. Reverent sunsets. Sunrises full of promise and potential. Nights filled with dreams - awake and asleep - and days with honest sweat. Life is truly beautiful, and a magnificent gift (on good and bad days).

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