Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Reason for Being

To tell someone that you love them and to really mean it. That's kinda what this life is about - loving people.

Wednesday was my last day at work for a couple months, and I'll miss both the people I've known for a long time and those I've only known briefly. As I affirmed "I love you!" in parting, I really felt it. I care about these people; they are an important part of my life. Sometimes it's easy to let those words become goofy or cutesy catchphrases among friends, but when you realize their true sincerity... It just multiplies the love.

Loving people is a significant process. It signifies change in a self, it exposes vulnerabilities, it requires taking a risk to make an uncertain investment, it involves mercy and sacrifice... All of these build character, and as we do them, we become more like our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ. And that is why we're here.

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