Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Winding... Down or Up?

I have just over a week left in Vienna, and I have just over 2 weeks before I leave Europe. That means a few things:

- I have a week or less to make sure my Humanities homework is caught up.
- I've got about a week to visit any last museums, cafes, or other sites I haven't gotten to yet. There's a lot planned for our whole group, so I need to utilize my free time REALLY well.
- I need to work on planning my last week in Europe before it happens.

At the same time though, I haven't had the desperate, end-of-the-semester panicked rush that I usually have because I've procrastinated until the end. It's kinda cool. I think that having a vacation for the week in the countryside helped me to relax, enjoy myself, and regather my energies so that this week, I actually feel motivated (on my own) to schedule my time well, prioritize my to-do list, and get out of the house (instead of settling in places where I'm comfortable).

It'll be an interesting time - logistically and emotionally - for the next couple weeks... Actually, for the next month. I still don't know what I'm doing when I get back to the US, so it'll be... interesting. I'll be leaving Europe, maybe seeing my family, moving back into my apartment, starting school again with a few new roommates... Is life winding down at the end of the semester, or just winding up? It sure is a party.

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