Saturday, January 12, 2013


It feels like it's been a long time since I wrote a food post. So here's an update!

I found this recipe on Pinterest for "Blueberry Cheese Rolls" (and she has an awesome blog name) and wanted to try it because it's so simple. When I looked for berries in the store, strawberries were the best bargain (if fruit could ever be called a bargain this time of year), so I tried them today, and it was so good!

Light and fruity, sweet and creamy...

It made me feel like it looked like this outside,

Instead of this.

There's the power of good food for you. Isn't the bridge picture beautiful? It's one of my favorites from our honeymoon. Speaking of good food though, Z and I chatted last night, and realized that we were both a little worried about our eating and exercise habits. Our plan for now is to try getting some healthy snack foods and eat smaller meals (the smaller-but-more-frequent meal idea), and get more exercise in our daily routines. We'll see how it goes! We haven't done any exercise today, but we're working on the smaller meals and snacking, and it's going well!

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