Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Profound...or not.

I was pondering earlier today how pain doesn't really bother me as much when I'm busy. That's probably a generalize-able principle in life, that bad things bother you less (and I usually complain less) when you're busy or have better things to think about. My example was my semi-arthritic ankle. That realization was the profound part.

The silly part is this: my ankle was one example, but it was in context of a few other things. I realized that last night, my arthritic ankle was flaring up, I had some recurring wrist pain, I had scratched my knuckle painfully at work, there are some healing hangnails, and I have burn marks on my fingers from a cooking incident earlier this week.

When I realized this, I just had to laugh. How did I end up with so many injuries/pain opportunities this week?? Silly me.

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