Monday, October 11, 2010


I should be in bed now, but I wanted to write briefly about my weekend - a little about Friday, but mostly about Saturday. Plus, I haven't posted in almost a week :P

Friday was a feel-good day: I had a couple dance tests, so after I showered that morning I took a little extra time to get ready. I gelled my wavy hair into more-defined curls and actually put on mascara. I wore a nice shirt, and looked forward to my tests (tango is a lot of fun, and I already got a lot of practice with my testing partner). My roommate volunteered to make me breakfast/lunch, and it was delicious! (A breakfast burrito with egg, cheese, black beans, and spices). When the evening came around, I had a big group dinner with my roommates and friends (corn chowder and egg salad sandwiches) before we went to a comedy show together. It's great - they really put on a show, with glowstick cannons, raining candy, and dance music between skits. Afterwards, my BF and I sat outside on the old couch sitting on my balcony, and we cuddled under a warm blanket and looked up at the stars. I really need to catch up in my journal on what we've done every day for the last week (man, I got behind!); Friday was the 22nd consecutive day we've seen each other (and it marked 2 weeks of us dating). Friday night was good, but Saturday was even better.

I woke up around 9am Saturday morning when my roommate reminded me we had cleaning checks for our apartment (I meant to get up at 9:30, but 9 was better anyway). I sorted through the laundry that had accumulated on my chair and bed for the last week and tidied up my room, blasting the Owl City Ocean Eyes cd. Our apartment would be checked sometime after 10am, and that's also when the Homecoming Parade would start, which passed right by our apartment. My boyfriend (it's really tempting to type his name instead, but that would violate my policy of maintaining anonymity) came over for breakfast and took over making pancakes for me, my roommate, and himself. We watched for the marching band from our balcony (some of our roommates are in it) and checked out the other floats, cars, dance groups and student associations going by. I was just in a tshirt and jeans, with my still-gelled hair tied back in a hasty ponytail, but my BF didn't mind at all. We hung out at my apartment for a while before deciding to head over to a nearby park. It was great. We played on the swings for a while, played with a couple other toys, and then tried out the teeter-totter. A little boy, maybe 4 years old, came over and said he wanted a turn, so we helped him out. Shortly after, his mom and sister and a couple other friends came and the bunch of us started playing together. It was so much fun to play with those kids for about an hour (I think they were all between 18 months and 4 years old, and we chatted with their mothers for a little bit): it was a chance for me to enjoy helping and playing with the little ones, and a good chance to see how my BF played with kids. He definitely passed, haha ;) After the kids left, we played around ourselves for a bit longer and talked some. We started heading home when my BF had to get ready for the football game and I had to get ready for work. Next I saw him was Sunday night, after I got back from work, and we hung out for a few hours with friends. Now, a couple hours after he went home, I'm sitting here writing this about him and our weekend together.

Saturday felt wonderful. Friday was fun too, but spending the morning and early afternoon together was great. Having a clean apartment, enjoying a relaxed morning with pancakes and watching the parade, having some time with just the two of us in my apartment for a while, and then going to the park for a couple hours and playing with children (that's one thing I miss about college - not being able to play with kids much), and doing it all with my man. It was beautiful; my time with him is filled with effortlessly perfect moments that are made special because I spend it with him, and that's all it takes (no pre-planning of magical moments, just us being together). We have goofy poking contests; we laugh at puns and corny jokes (especially the cheesy romantic ones); our high-fives frequently turn into interdigitation; we talk openly and honestly about how our relationship is going; we talk about classes and weather and missionary stories and our families. He and I have fun together being ourselves and getting to know each other better, and he's someone special. He makes me feel like someone special for appreciating me the way I am, for encouraging me to keep trying to be better a day at a time, and for treating me like a daughter of God. I am impressed by his ability to care for me the way he does. He is amazing, and I love coming to know him better. It's a great journey, and I get the feeling that we're both in it for the long run; our relationship is being built to last. Like I said, it's a beautiful thing, being with him.

Songs I'm beginning to associate with my boyfriend: "Just The Way You Are" (he gave me a "significant look" when it came on the radio in the car) and "She Is Love" (a sweet song; what "she" is to the artist, "he" is to me) are two so far.

Other good news: my mom and my sister are coming in 10 days (since it's now Monday, technically 9 days) to visit!!! I am super excited to see them :)


  1. What a sweet post. Might I suggest you give your boyfriend a fake name, or just using an initial. It makes it easier to not use his name, but not feeling silly saying bf all the time. :) anonymity is good. I think I'm far beyond the point of doing that though on my blog. I love reading about your relationship though. Me and Forrest (my boyfriend) are celebrating our 8 month mark today. It seems like we were just dating for 2 weeks. I can't wait to see where your relationship goes :)

  2. That's so exciting Katie! I'm so glad you and your man are so happy! :)
    It's so crazy to see yours, mine and Katie B's lives unfold. I still remember when we contemplated being roommates on BYU Freshmen! I think we should have a reunion! :)