Friday, October 15, 2010

Growing Up

Orange Peach SunnyD is delicious.

I just got back from some quick grocery shopping, and I love feeling like a responsible, independent adult (even if it's only when I'm grocery shopping, haha) - I bought a lot of fresh fruit that was on sale, and that made me feel responsible, at least. Another responsibility that descended on my shoulders very heavily was when I realized that I need to officially change my major very quickly. I saw this from my university when I checked my email yesterday:
Students must select and declare a major by the time they have 75 earned credit hours (excluding language exam credits). Once a student has 90 earned credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major, unless special permission is granted.

In order to encourage timely progress toward graduation, advisement centers may require mandatory advisement before students with greater than 90 hours are allowed to register for classes. Deans, in consultation with advisement centers, may also place registration holds and mandate specific course completion in order to facilitate timely graduation.
So, I might possibly be in trouble. I have 91 credit hours (55 of which, I think, were not from AP credit) and I'm officially declared as a Family History major... That desire only lasted for 2 weeks, and I declared it a year ago, so... I'm really hoping that I can change it to Communication Disorders, the major that I would much prefer to Family History. Part of my problem is that I've been taking so many interesting or for-fun classes, and taken prereqs for a couple different majors, and they've all added up. Luckily, my Ballroom Dance minor should be made official after this semester (I'm taking the last prereq now), so if a dean tries to tell me I can't take more dance classes, I'll tell him I need it for the minor. That, or I can hope to slide under the radar if it's something like Modern Dance that I want to try out but it's not required for my major or minor... We'll see! I've still got a list of interesting classes I'd (*crossing fingers*) like to take, if I can, before I graduate.


  1. ah, hopefully they will let you change! I would suspect if any of those are AP credits, they will be a bit more lenient. CommsD is a great major though. I work the with the CommsD graduate students, and they are all amazing. I looked into the CommsD major for a bit as well. it's great! :)

  2. i hope they let you change! i have over 90 credits and they let me drop my minor, I just needed to authorize it, but i would imagine changing is different than dropping. Have you taken some courses already? As long as you have a graduation plan, I would imagine they'd let you. That's what they wanted me to present when I wanted to double major.