Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Both "anxious-nervous" and "anxious-excited" for this week (and grateful for the past weekend)

It's only a little after 11pm as I'm writing this, and I'm pretty tired already. I think the fact that it's dark so much earlier in the day affects when I get tired, but for whatever reason, I'm tired now.

So, I have 4 tests to take this week... Three of which I'll take in a period of two days... And I'd like to take the fourth in those days too, so I don't have to worry about it while my mom and sister are visiting (they'll be here in TWO DAYS!!!!). I'm probably about as ready for the 2 ASL tests tomorrow as I'm going to be (which doesn't feel very ready), and I have a boatload of reading to do for the other 2 tests. All I can really do is pray as hard as I can and work as hard as I can to stay focused and study.

On Katie's suggestion (she commented on a previous post), I'm going to give my boyfriend a code name for this blog so I feel less repetitive and silly from writing "my boyfriend/my BF". I'll refer to him as Ron, though he bears little resemblance to the Harry Potter character.

Well, Friday night was a terrific date night with Ron (day 29 of seeing him every day). We went out to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and it was sooo good! It's the best Thai food I've had besides the stuff back home: we had fried rice with pineapple and pork, a curry, and sweet sticky rice with mango for dessert. I could have cried it was so yummy. After that, we went to a free music recital on campus, which was fun. I didn't know how much you could do with a bassoon until then, I suppose, haha; that said, one segment of a song sounded vaguely like a contest of flatulence between the bassoonist and the recording he played along with. Anyway, it was some great time to spend with Ron. We went for a walk after the concert and had a good, long talk. As Ron said, if we're going to be "dating" each other, we probably need to go on more dates and hang out less (Read the talk on "dating vs. hanging out" from Elder Dallin H. Oaks, from May 2005). We already have a really good friendship established, but we recommitted ourselves to focusing on building our relationship with each other - not just the romantic "relationship", but getting to know, appreciate, and support each other better. Ron is really good at that :) Part of taking it slower and making our time together more meaningful will probably involve not seeing each other every day like we have been, but I can already feel a difference because we're focusing on making quality time together.

We did get together on Saturday night (day 30), and had a great time reading from the scriptures together, and asking questions and teaching each other. Though it wasn't exactly your usual date, it was definitely good time to spend together that helped us individually and as a couple. Sunday I had kind of a rough morning (not enough sleep + worries about school + malfunctioning copy machines + a comment someone made about me indirectly that I tried not to take personally), so after Ron came over that night to go to tunnel singing (a bunch of college kids singing hymns together Sunday nights on campus), we went for a long drive and talked about what was bothering me and how we could fix it. I generally try to keep it to myself when I'm upset, but I'm also very honest... So when Ron inquired, I told him about it. The problems (basically it comes down to sleep and school) didn't go away after talking to him, but talking through it and identifying ways to change were helpful. I'm really grateful and appreciative that he took the time to do that for me, with me. Knowing that he is there for me, is willing to help me, and wants me to succeed make a difference. Sunday marked Day 31, and I believe, one month to the date from when we started seeing each other daily. This past weekend also marked 3 weeks of dating each other, so it's going pretty great, and I'm really happy to have a close (and close-ening) relationship with such a wonderful guy. We're growing together and supporting each other. Neither of us know exactly where our relationship is headed, but I'm certain my life will be made richer by virtue of his acquaintance - it's been made so already.

This is actually getting posted after midnight, so technically today is Tuesday... My mom and sister will be here tomorrow night!!!!! And they'll be here for 5 days (though they arrive late on the first day and leave early the last). Now for sleep, then class, work, and finally my ASL tests in about 15 hours... Wish me luck!

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  1. Great talk that you referenced there. It's so good to continually court each other and get to know each other on different levels. Dating is so fun :) I'm glad you guys can be so open with each other about everything. Communication is huge in developing relationships!