Monday, November 1, 2010

In for the Ride

So, I did the math... And realized that today marks the 46th day in a row that I've seen Ron, my boyfriend (his "code name", at least), every day. I think we first realized we had 9 consecutive days where we'd seen each other somehow every day, and then we kept it up on purpose because it was fun. After a while we decided we didn't actually have to see each other every day... But somehow things have come up each day, and have gotten us to 46. Haha, it's a little ridiculous to think we've pulled it off, but it's pretty fun.

My sister took this during a football game
Ron and I have dated each other for a little over 5 weeks now. It's been great. Originally, this was a much longer, much more personal post about mostly the last few days we've had together. But, on further consideration, I determined that it would be wiser to not reveal such personal things in such a public forum (a cautionary email from my mom was also persuasive). So, it comes to this: I had some anxieties that I talked over with Ron this weekend. I was really worried that the fact I had these worries would hurt Ron, and I didn't like the conflicting emotions. He was a steadfast saint as we talked it over, and he was very supportive the whole time. After thinking about it this weekend and talking about it, I decided that what Ron and I have is a really good thing (and all good things come from God), and it's worth pursuing. So, I'm feeling rededicated, and I am so looking forward to where this goes.

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  1. i went through the same thing when i was dating my husband. i was so worried all the time about "being exclusive" and moving to fast to becoming serious. but when it's right it's right. good luck!