Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eyes of Faith

Just a couple thoughts as I'm up late: (Initially I was trying to look up my class schedule, and had some time-consuming computer issues, and since I've mostly been dabbling around and taking care of little things online I've neglected to check on).

Even when you know you're doing the right thing, it can sometimes be hard to fully accept the consequences of your course of action. It can be hard to remind yourself of the new reality; even when you know it's better, you can still linger and wish things were as they were before. I guess that's life though, and why we need faith. We need faith to trust that the right thing is the best thing, and that we really will be happier for doing it.

I guess I'm just trying to grow up, and that takes an investment of time and experience to get the best results. That's an unfortunate side effect of this instantaneous digital age - we can get so many things so quickly that we forget what it means to be willing to wait for something worthwhile. Finding a spouse and raising a family are the most important, fulfilling aspirations I can have in life, but those will both be the sweetest and "most right" when I be patient and wait for the timing to be right. With eyes of faith, I can see when I can't see; I can believe that it will come to pass even when it doesn't seem like I'm making much progress in a single moment. Having that faith is the only way that I can be at peace with myself, so that's what I'm striving for.

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