Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Quick Update

I've got a "secret" that I'm only keeping mildly contained this week, because it's got me so excited. Basically, a texting conversation with my mom (via my sister) rekindled a lifelong interest of mine, and now things are in the works... I have an interview on Friday, and hopefully after that I'll know if it's going to happen! And if it doesn't work out for this time... then hopefully I can find out what to work on, and maybe another opportunity will come later.

On another note, trying to keep up with life has been an interesting conundrum. Once I start pulling some things together and making improvements, I notice other big problems that have to be solved as well; it feels like trying to grasp at straws, and never being able to pick up more without letting the others fall. This week I started feeling more productive and disciplined in my schoolwork, but I've been terrible at getting to bed on time. This makes it incredibly hard to get to my first class on time, even if I have an increased desire to go. I guess this is where I need to make sure I'm putting the most important things first, like reading my scriptures earlier in the day instead of leaving it for right before bed. I need to act on the faith that if I put God first, the rest will fall into place.

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