Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just A Happy Spot

I'm so glad that Heavenly Father is in control :) He's perfectly capable, perfectly loving, and perfectly willing to make things work out the best way possible.

It's so amazing what He can and does do. He can change hearts: He's changed my heart in major and minor ways over the years, and I am so grateful to Him for that.
     God has softened my heart, opened my understanding, taken away pain, supported me from moment to moment, and given me such joy that I want to both bow my head and cry with thanks and reverence and jump and shout for joy at the same time.

Life is beautiful, and it's all because of the Master. Words cannot encompass or describe it - the breadth of His knowledge, understanding, meticulous attention to detail, love, compassion, mercy, justice, creativity and glory - but I'll say what I can, just the same.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God! He is my Savior, my Redeemer and my Friend. He is Jehovah - the Creator of this earth and other creations without number. He is the Beginning and the End, from all eternity to all eternity. He is my Brother, who loves me enough to have suffered for all that I've ever done wrong; He did it so that I could live with Him again, and be happy. I have never in my life found any peace or happiness in doing anything contrary to His teachings and commandments. Happiness comes in daily becoming as Christ is, and anything else will only lead to misery, depression and despair, loneliness, and feeling gross and empty inside. I know, because I've tried both! I've been there! It doesn't take long to see. When I do the things that living prophets, the scriptures, and the Holy Spirit direct, I feel happy, content, whole, loving, peaceful and eager to reach out of myself and make a difference, even in just one person's life. Listening to Christ encourages me to be better, and Satan only whispers discouragement, failure, and lack of self-worth. I can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13) - that is a promise that has proved true and that will continue to do so.

Today wasn't a particularly amazing day; in fact, there were some times I really wished the day would be over already. But when I put my faith in Christ, I can be patient and endure all things. That is and will always be true, regardless of the circumstances.

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