Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Things Denote That There Is A God

"All things denote that there is a God". It's a gospel truth, and it's an amazing lens to see the world with, especially as you come to understand who God is.

I thought about some applications of this as I was out walking this week. As I looked up to the sun (it was directly in front of me, and high above), a couple thoughts passed through my mind comparing the earthly sun to the Son of God. First: That sun is bright! Likewise, whenever visions of Christ are mentioned in the scriptures (to Joseph Smith, to Paul), brightness and glory are mentioned as signs that accompany Christ's appearance and testify of His divinity. Symbols in nature are a good way to show that God is there and what He's like.

Second set of thoughts regarding Jesus Christ and the sun: even when clouds temporarily obscure our vision, the sun is always there. Likewise, when disappointments, discouragements, and gray clouds are all we see, it can be hard to remember the warm, invigorating presence of the Son of God. As the Creator of all things, He is our source of life, and supports us from breath to breath. Without Him, life would be more than just dark - it would be nonexistent. As we are dependent on the sun directly for vitamin D synthesis, warmth, and avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder (which shows that biologically/emotionally, we need daylight), we are also dependent on the Son, Jesus Christ, for sustenance, comfort, and renewal through the Atonement.

These are two simple examples of gospel ideas/principles illustrated in nature. There are many more, and you can recognize them by paying attention to what's around you and by listening to the Holy Spirit. It's an excellent way to learn and to draw closer to God :)

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