Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Alternative to Pastaroni...

I feel like I keep having the same thing for dinner... So I decided to mix it up tonight (more than just mixing spices and pieces of canned or deli meat into my pastaroni).

This feels awfully reminiscent of another post where I described an amazing fruit salad I made, last year-ish?

For "dinner", I mixed blackberries + kiwi + gala apples + red plums + honey + plain yogurt. It's not bad... I wasn't sure how the kiwis would work, but I rediscovered that I really, really like kiwi :) The blackberries are kinda tart, but the rest of it works together well. I like it when food experiments go well, and I like it even better when they end up being healthy :)

It might not look like much... But it was good!

Also, my roommate told me about downloading (legit) free music on, so I checked it out this week. I found a super cute song called "Favorite Girl" by a group called The Icarus Account. Here's a link to the song on Youtube:

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