Friday, October 14, 2011


I just went through a TON of old papers today, and found some sweet memories. Most of these are from freshman year.

"It's rainin' men, Hallelujah! (Get your umbrella, I'm comin' down!) -from your future spouse"

"Gosh my handwriting is bad. I can't even spell k without messing up. Its been fun getting to know you, even if eating an entire pizza on an exhaust vent! I still owe you a hug. You can redeem it anytime you like. (sounds like a coupon) Just guilt or On second thought don't. Happy Valentine's Day!!" -Z

For Employee of the Month: "is always looking for something to do during slow times & helps in whatever way she can. K has also been such a great host! Thank you so much!" -A

"I just wanted to thank you for sitting up with me and talking with me about my 'personal crisis,' even though you were going hiking with your man [or mom? ambiguous handwriting] in the morning. It really meant a lot to me, and even though I'm still unsure of my next course of action, my mind is a lot clearer, and I am no longer pulling my hair out in large clumps." -M

"You're one of those people I know will always be there to listen to me, or help me if I ever need it. Thanks" -A (who became one of my best friends)

"Thank you for your lesson today. Just be happy and don't worry. You're doing a great job and I appreciate all the time you put in." -E

"You are wonderful! You're so sincere and selfless and such a great friend. Thanks for your wonderful example and all your help you've been to me. It's a pleasure having you on my floor! Have a great Christmas and I'm so excited for next semester!" -J

"You don't even realize what you mean to those around you. Everyone you know looks at you as an example of how to live the gospel. Even people you never thought would look up to you. And you are so much more beautiful than you know. And your inner light enhances that even more. God loves you because you are one of his precious, beautiful, virtuous daughters. Love always," -from my brother

"You are an inspiration to me. You have such a desire to become who God wants you to be, and you strive to make that happen. I am so blessed to have you for a friend and roommate. Your loving hugs and reminders that naps make everything better help me on hard days. Some days are hard for you, and I wish so much that I knew better how to help you. Always remember how much I love you. You are beautiful and strong. I look up to you and feel blessed by your influence. Good luck on finals. Merry Christmas. I love you." -C

I also just went through and read every single card I've gotten in college (I keep all of them). I am very blessed, and very loved, even if I didn't always see it. Life is pretty awesome.

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