Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Tuesday

Yeah, technically it's Wednesday now...

I mentioned my blog to my roommate earlier this evening, about how I'd gotten a lot of views, but no comments on the previous blog post or comments on my facebook link to it; it's hard to know what people think when you don't get any feedback! She said she hadn't read my big post about Jeffress, but commented that her favorite posts I've written have been the simple 3-paragraph ones about the little things in life which only take 5 minutes to read. That was really interesting to hear, especially because I'd wondered about finding a good balance between the light and the serious.

So, I'll try to do more of those. Downsides of today: I kinda missed some class time today because I was working on that last blog post (I felt like it was pretty important), and I've spent the last 45+ minutes picking Teflon flakes out of my fettucine alfredo with a toothpick because I used a crappy pot to cook it in. Upsides of today: work was SO fantastic (I love being in a leadership position where I can help people, and I love my crew!!), I had a good phone conversation with a friend I haven't seen in a while, and I had a great time dancing tonight (I think I'll be spending more time in the country swing club...). It was also a lovely night outside for walking: brisk, with a jacket just being optional. And there's even more fun things tomorrow! Class (Isaiah, Phonetics and Dance being my favorites), visiting teaching, more dancing, reading the weekly emails from my missionary brother, etc.

And, as my eyes are getting droopier, and as thinking about it elicits a short yawn... Something else nice about tonight will be going to sleep :)

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  1. You're taking Isaiah? (It seems like I've asked this before, but if I have, just play along.) What's it like?